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A Touch of Heart, Inc.

PO Box 441483
Indianapolis,  IN 46244

Phone: (765) 382-9266

A Touch of Heart, Inc.

Additional areas of focus for ATOH are centered around:

♡ Mentorship
Hosting intimate gatherings, retreats and workshops that focus on inspiring purpose, cultivating love from within, and sharing values centered on a faith-based lifestyle. ATOH is here to share moments of prayer and provide an outlet for one-on-one spiritual uplifting and encouragement.

♡ Creative Expression
Sharing various teachings, videos, quotes, and links on cultural news, spiritual growth, emotional mastery, and more! By the end of 2015, look out for the launch of A Touch of Heart’s YouTube broadcast online covering interviews with guest speakers, artistic showcases, with more to come…

Testimonies that reach,
Love that demonstrates,
Grace that gives.

What you can expect from ATOH as it continues to grow in love, service, and faith:

ATOH's focus is...

♡ To connect people with opportunities to serve in underprivileged communities locally, nationally and abroad through various outreach programs and mission trips.

♡ To subsidized and/or fully fund 3 or more programs based on available funding for participants approved by ATOH’s advisory board.

♡ To coordinate and host service programs and mission opportunities, over the next 2-3 years, with the support of our international network of partners.

The Vision:

To demonstrate the love of God through service in a multi-cultural and multi-generational world.

Pillars of Purpose:

♡ An atmosphere in which people love, honor, and encourage one another.
♡ An environment that is ever growing, cha

A Touch of Heart (ATOH) is a non-profit faith-based organization called to mentor, develop, and equip those that hunger to serve in different capacities locally, nationally and/ or internationally. ATOH is dedicated to providing the resources and the plat

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Founded: Paris J. Proctor

Categories: Non-Profit Organization

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