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Sam the Caveman (from Trailer Park Boys)

10/22/2016 08:00 PM

@ Jokers Live - Comedy / Karaoke / Live Music
247 S. Meridian Street

Sam the Caveman (from Trailer Park Boys)


7:00 PM DOORS | 8:00 PM SHOW

$10 ADVANCE | $15 DAY OF
*Tables within 2 rows of stage
** 21 and over event

Sam Losco (Sam Tarasco) is a supporting antagonist who first appears in Season 1. Initially a veterinarian, Sam loses his medical licence after helping Ricky fix a bullet wound, as veterinarians are not supposed to operate on humans. In Season 2 Sam runs for the post of Trailer Park Supervisor but loses to Jim Lahey after Julian slips hallucinogenic mushrooms into his food before his campaign speech. He later attempts to romance Barb Lahey, but is foiled by Julian. In Season 4, Sam is able to restart his veterinary practice (on probation) and Bubbles often brings his kitties to him for their checkups. He is not particularly fond of Ricky or Julian, as they are responsible for most of his problems.
His favorite food seems to be greasy hot dogs, and several characters have insultingly called him a "caveman" for his general resemblance to a stereotypical Neanderthal. In Season 6 Sam has apparently lost his veterinary practice again and works at East Coast Paving, until he is fired after a prank-call from Ricky. In season 6's final episode, he kidnaps Randy at gunpoint, believing he had caused him to lose the paving-company job. In season 7, he sends secret-admirer love letters to Barb Lahey; in episode 7 he reveals himself as her secret admirer and she leaves Jim to elope with Sam. In the series finale, Say Goodnight to the Bad Guys, Sam robs Julian's DeLorean, which contained all the money they had earned in season 7's train-smuggling operation; the police pull him over and confiscate the money. In season 8, Sam rides around with Cyrus and assists him with his plans. In season 9, Sam is homeless and living in a cave. This completes the metamorphosis of Sam actually being a caveman. He is soon discovered to be the "samsquanch" that Bubbles and Ricky ended up tracking down. At the end of the season finale, Sam is shot with a tranquilizer gun by forest rangers and taken away in a pickup truck presumably to be studied.

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